Welcome! My name is Patricia. I'm a certified meditation teacher and certified reiki master healer. I work with Kundalini Reiki healing energy and different meditation techniques. Due to Covid, I'm offering mostly distance healing at this time, with a discount for first time clients for the first session. I'm considering certain client situations for physical bookings. I'm fully vaccinated and boostered. These are difficult times and I'm passionate about helping my clients sail through the mental and physical wilds of this pandemic by balancing and calming the chakra system. I'm fully insured. More about me

About Distance/remote healing:
 the recipient (you) and the healer (me) are not physically present with one another. Energy healing transcends time and space. It begins with the practitioner's intention–a thought arising from pure love to heal, for the client's highest good. Intention is everything in life and is vibrational energy. With an open heart, allowance and action, we can invite healing, harmony, creative change and abundance.

Distance healing is just as powerful and effective as in person healing; therefore, it is not necessary to be in the same room or even the same country for the session. When a practitioner sets their intention to be given to a specific person, the sender and receiver are energetically connected.

Kundalini Reiki is harvested from divine sacred intelligence. As a healer, I channel the synergy of kundalini energy (raw cosmic Earth intelligence) we all hold within; also known as the rising serpent power*, and reiki energy (universal life force energy), which runs through us and is all around us.
*Symbolically, when awakened, this energy moves like a serpent from the root chakra at the base of the spine, all the way up to the crown chakra. (Read more about kundalinireiki and chakras.)

Through distance healing, this powerful combination can be safely channeled via meditation practice consisting of intention and visualization techniques via quantum physics (read more about this science in Resources). The purpose of this energy healing is to awaken the soul’s unique and divine blueprint; allowing us to evolve our heart-centered perception of ourselves, our world and beyond. It is also a powerful activation within ourselves of our own innate healing abilities. This modality also supports animals, plants, the planet itself, and the universe. I also offer this service for animals.

Energy is not confined by space and time.

•  clears, balances and
   calms chakras
   (our 7 major energy centers: crown,
    third-eye, throat, heart, solar
    plexus, sacral and root)

•  promotes relaxation and
   releases stress

•  courage to heal and transform
   (unresolved emotional issues,
    physical challenges and ailments,
    negative. thought patterns, and
    old beliefs that no longer
    serves us)

•  releases energy blockages,
   lower vibrational energy
   and toxins

•  insight into what we want
   to manifest

•  ignites creative energy

•  evolution of consciousness

•  supports and activates our
   body's natural ability to
   heal itself

By removing blocks in the chakras; our energy centers, energy is able to run freely, harmonizing our body, mind, and spirit.

Pets & Animals
Kundalini Reiki can improve the physical, social, emotional and/or cognitive functioning increasing their quality of life.

"Harmony is something we must have with others, but it must start inside us first."
David DeNotaris

Kundalini Reiki is not a replacement for professional, medical or psychological services. It is complementary to those systems.

With love & light,


"My Reiki sessions with Patricia were very powerful. I felt energy moving through me and was able to achieve a deep state of relaxation. The sessions helped me release negative emotions and feel a sense of peace and calm. I highly recommend working with Patricia - she is a kind, gifted and passionate healer."

Serena Depero NY